While they are still young

Cherish every moment with your children while they are still young
Eat with them
Talk to them everyday
Accompany them as often as needed
Scold them when necessary and out of love
Tease them
Play with them
Sing along with them
Dance with them

Because when they’ve grown up, they’ll be busy as a bee
School, friends and other activities will have most of their schedule
More often than not, dinner time will be without them
For mothers and daughters, there’ll be less and less secrets to share

They’ll be busier when they start working
You’ll find it hard to catch up with them
Either they’re busy at work or they have other things to do

And then you’ll realize you’re becoming distant with each other
And it’s a hard truth

So, while they’re still young
Find time to appreciate their presence
No matter how busy you are, squeeze in a special time for them
They may find it awkward or embarrassing or, sometimes, annoying
But just, create a time for them

And when they’ve become parents being in the same situation and feeling as you are
They’ll start to remember and cherish the time you spent with them


A visit to the National Museum

My daughter was eleven when we made a visit to the National Museum. I thought she’s taking pictures of the different collections and photos inside but when I saw her gallery, there’s no trace of it. Not even the stair and the window spoke of the museum.

No, she’s not into photography but she just likes taking pictures.

Here are some of the pictures she took. I didn’t put a caption on each, though.

mutual feelings

Having mutual feelings can suddenly happen
But how to keep it is the real challenge


Will I see you again?

We met at work
Got acquainted after a few days
And then eventually became very good friends

But it only lasted for some months
Because you suddenly left with no words
And no matter how much I tried to look for you, I just couldn’t find you

… Till I realized that you don’t want to be found

But I truly miss our friendship
And from time to time I still think of you
But now the only thing I want to know is

Will I see you again?


rough and tough world

it’s a rough and tough world
we all know it
but we need to persevere and be resilient
in order to survive at least one day at a time