just a simple friend

I thought you are just a friend – someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a companion – just a simple friend.

But somehow, you captured my heart with your friendly ways, your boyish smiles, your captivating eyes, and simply, your presence.

I never thought we would be friends, dear friends at that, so close that I could feel your warm breath, your caress, your embrace.

I never thought I would love you… a love so deep and sincere.  A love that is patient hoping that one day you will look into my heart.  A love… that I almost forgot we could never be together.  Not because you already love someone so dear than me.  But because I know I could never be your dream love…

I have given up hopes on you… loving me.  But life is really full of surprises.

Surprises… such as the night you asked me for a walk.  You’re kind of nervous that night.  I could see very clearly your serious face.  I could feel your uneasy and uncomfortable ways that night…

Since then we became so inseparable.  And I know why… it’s because of this intangible thing called love.

I love you.



P.S. Putting this here again for those who haven’t read it.

 I wrote this while having breakfast with him. He was nineteen and I was seventeen.  One of my favorites. 🥰🥰🥰

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