About Me

I love simple things, simple pleasures in life.
Reading nourishes my brain. Writing releases toxins in my mind.
I write about random thoughts and feelings, and the life I live in.

Life is a gift. Happiness is a choice.
Expect the unexpected but seize the moment.
And learn to be appreciative
because there is always, always something to be grateful for.  


DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the pictures, clip art and images.

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love your passion for reading and writing. That totally resonates with me.

    I wanted to personally thank you for following my blog, booksandbevs7 on wordpress. I’ve decided to expand my social media footprint and have entered the worlds of instagram, pinterest, and tiktok. For more bookish content, literary discussions, and entertainment, you can now follow me on IG: @booksandbevs7 , pinterest: booksandbevs7, and tiktok @ginnymalbec. Thanks again. And happy reading.

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